How to prepare for your fertility treatment

When a couple encounters difficulties in becoming pregnant, there is an underlying fear of there being an infertility problem. Doubts and fears are inevitable, and even in your mind you have the hope of being able to get pregnant naturally, without having to resort to medical treatment. Going to a Reproduction Clinic can shed light on the issue, but it can also be a difficult blow if their advice is to undergo a particular treatment or if the results of any tests are discouraging. This disappointment is difficult to avoid at first, but you can learn to look at the treatment as an opportunity instead of an obstacle. You now have the support and experience of professionals, which will help you to develop more realistic expectations and more determination. You will once again be able to get your hopes up about becoming a mother.

Accept the changes as they happen and do all you can to accompany them with other lifestyle changes. Begin by making small gestures that make you feel better and help you to approach the process in a way that is more relaxed and bearable. Try to follow a healthy diet and make sure that you are getting good rest and good sleep. Regular physical activity such as walking or swimming can be very positive. Avoiding caffeine and reducing alcohol consumption can also be helpful.
Essentially, begin making those small things that make you happy. The important thing is that at this time of preparation you feel well, motivated and as relaxed as possible.

On the mental and emotional level, you will experience a path full of ups and downs. It may be that you have decided to begin assisted reproduction treatment because you have been trying to get pregnant for a year, or because you have spent too long tossing the idea around in your head, or because you feel that time is running out and that your age is starting to become an obstacle to your dream. All of this is motivating you to make a decision, but it leads you to the question, “Is this the right time to go through fertility treatment”? If you are going through a stressful personal or work situation, you will need to decide whether to begin or postpone treatment. There is no one correct answer to this dilemma. Everyone is in a different situation and has different priorities and you need to understand your own. Take your time to review your current situation (define this moment of your life, what aims you have), identify your sources of support and the sources of worry, and then make the decision that feels most right. This will be essential for you to be able to take each step of the path that is ahead of you.

You will, of course, have an experienced multidisciplinary team accompanying you and helping you along the process. They will be able to advise you on any preparation or specific changes that they consider advisable in your case. Do not hesitate to meet with a psychologist, therapist or support group if you need to share your concerns or to develop new tools to manage your emotions.