Choosing the right fertility clinic

Whether you are considering getting in touch with an assisted reproduction clinic for the first time, or you have already done so and have had a bad experience before, you will understand the importance of choosing a clinic where you feel comfortable.

Contacting a fertility clinic involves receiving a large amount of information about tests, success rates, treatments and decisions to make. At this moment, you may already have questions and interests that may be the reason behind your desire to visit a clinic. It is very important that this clinic can deal with all of the concerns that you have right from the beginning, so that they can help you manage and understand everything that will come later.

If you begin looking for fertility clinics, look at their location (since you will need to go there often if you begin a treatment), their opening hours (and how compatible these are with your activities), the team that they have (their experience and the impression that they give you at the outset) and the additional services that they offer (emotional support, genetic counselling, assistance over the phone, emergency care, etc.). Of course, you will always have more faith in a centre that has been recommended by someone that you know. Take advantage of this if they have given a good opinion of it.

If you decide to contact a centre, take note of their customer care from the very beginning: notice whether they answer your questions, whether you feel comfortable and whether they give you confidence in them. Be open and do not be afraid to express your concerns. They will understand your anxiety. Listen to the professional opinion that they offer during consultations and their recommendations for steps to take.

Remember that there is always the possibility that you receive a diagnosis, prognosis or treatment plan that you were not expecting, that you may not like or that makes you feel more worried. If you find yourself in this situation, it would be interesting to listen to what answers or solutions the medical team offers you and how they will help you to deal with them.

If, in the end, you decide to have an exam or treatment at a clinic, be guided by the confidence that they give you, but also remember that you will be able to look for other alternatives if you end up discovering that it wasn’t right for you. You will need a lot of professional support and emotional help throughout this process and the best clinics always aim to provide this.